Outside Fire Protection Agreements

Those who reside outside the city limits must pay for the fire protection services they receive. We offer a subscription service called an Outside Fire Protection Agreement to those who reside outside the city limits and fall within the 69.77 square-mile district that we cover.  

If you live in Sapulpa but are Outside the City Limits, a Fire Protection Agreement can be purchased thru the Utility Billing Department. This can be paid any way the customer wants but must be kept current at the time of services rendered.  

The annual cost of a residential property with homes up to 3,500 square feet is $150.00 per year.  The price increases with the square footage of the structure- whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.  If a situation should arise that the Sapulpa Fire Department had to come to a fire at your address and you have purchased this protection, your insurance company would be billed for any required services from us and you would not be liable for any uncovered funds.  

If you elect to not participate in the Outside Fire Protection Agreement and you require the services of the Sapulpa Fire Department you will be charged $675.00 per hour, per truck, for these services.  You may view Ordinance Number 2622 for further information on the City website.  The City of Sapulpa is contracted with Claims Recovery Services to collect these charges.  State Statute 36-4809 (see City website) permits the use of outside fire protection agreements and mandates that you enter into an agreement with your respective Fire Department before you renew or purchase and insurance policy.  

To purchase an Outside Fire Protection Agreement, you can stop by City Hall at 425 E. Dewey Ave. Sapulpa, OK 74066 or call the Utility Billing Department at 918-224-6220 to speak with a representative.