Mission Statement

The Mapping Department, for the City of Sapulpa, has been in existence since 2009.  It is staffed full time and the personnel are responsible for the creation, gathering and storage of all digital and paper documents related to mapping needs of the City.  Our goal is to give the citizens the most accurate information available.  If there are any questions about our data, please call us and we will gladly assist you in a timely and courteous manner.

turn around dont drown

Flood Data

We have the most recent Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) that cover the entire area of the City of Sapulpa, to include the annexed areas within Tulsa County, commonly known as Town West.  These maps are dated 2009.  You may also look up these maps on the FEMA web site link by clicking here.  If you have questions concerning building within a Flood Zone then you need to contact the Flood Plain Administrator and they will give you guidance on what you can and cannot do in these zones.

Zoning Maps

There is a link available to INCOG’s website that has all zoning maps for City of Sapulpa territory within Tulsa County by clicking here.  

All zoning map information for the City of Sapulpa can be obtained by calling the Mapping Department or Urban Development department.  Maps that show the current zoning will be available for download soon.

Ward Maps

There are 5 Ward Districts within the City of Sapulpa, named accordingly Ward 1 thru Ward 5.  Each Ward has two (2) City Councilors representing that Ward.  There are links to each Ward District Map located to the right.