Booker T. Washington Recreation Center

The Booker T. Washington Recreation Center is the only full service “public” recreation facility within the City of Sapulpa. A variety of structured and non-structured or “drop-in” activities, are offered year-round on a daily basis for people of all ages to participate in and enjoy. The Center is fully staffed and is currently open to the public six (6) days per week.

The BTW Recreation Center provides a “significant service” to the Sapulpa Community and the building itself has great historical significance. The BTW Recreation Center Staff is constantly “striving to meet the needs of the people/public we serve in the safest, most efficient manner possible”. This remains our Department’s highest priority.

There remains an enormous amount of potential in the BTW facility as a “community focal point”. In 1990, we completed the first of what was to be many improvement phases. The young children that frequented the Center on a daily basis back then were only 9 or 10 years old. I personally watched those kids “grow up” before my eyes. Now, they have grown into young men and young women who are in their mid to late twenties. The BTW Recreation Center played a big role in their lives. Many of them have come back to tell our staff how much they appreciated the Center, our staff, and the recreation activities and constructive opportunities that were made available to them.

Today, a new generation of young children, teens, and young and old adults are coming to the Center each day. The “Benefits” that Booker T. Washington Recreation Center is providing, are many. A safe place to play and come to meet friends. It has become a place to; build family unity and feel great; elevate personal growth; increase educational and relationship skills; relax and reduce stress; conquer boredom; eliminate loneliness, build health levels, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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