By volunteering, people make a major contribution toward the beautification of our community’s scenic and natural resources. The Parks Department is continually striving to expand its volunteer initiatives in order to effectively enhance the department’s programs and services to the community, while also affording citizens and groups the opportunity to contribute directly to their community. The Sapulpa Parks Department extends invitations to individuals, civic clubs, schools, groups, businesses, or organizations to participate in these worthwhile and beneficial community service programs.
We would like to expand our volunteer initiatives, create an atmosphere of ownership for our citizens and raise awareness with fun, community-changing projects.

Volunteer Opportunities include but are not limited to:

1. Recreation Programs and Festivals:
Sapulpa Parks offer a wide variety of opportunities to assist with special events and festivals sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department, some of which include:
    • Holiday Youth and Senior Citizens Workshops
    • Easter Egg Hunts
    • Freedom Festival
    • Fishing Derbies
    • Youth Triathlon
    • Arts
2. Youth Sports Coaches
Opportunities provided for Sapulpa’s youth basketball program, as well as our local Youth Sports Associations, which include the following:
    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Soccer

All of our youth sports coaches are trained in their roles and responsibilities. Parents also complete an orientation program to understand the important impact sports has on their child’s development. The National Standards For Youth Sports are used as a guide for operating our youth programs.

3. Adopt-A-Park Program
Ongoing opportunities are made available for individual citizens, public and private groups and organizations to help make a difference in their Sapulpa community! We’re sweeping into action today by inviting all Sapulpans young and old to join the Sapulpa Parks Adopt-a-ParkTeam!

The Parks Department implemented the Adopt-A-Park Program in 1994 to provide even more opportunities to grow your parks system.

Also in the developmental stages are our Sapulpa Citizen Forester Program which consists of planning, fund-raising, and labor for local tree plantings, care, and maintenance.

Friends of the Lakes Program
is a group of volunteers that assists Parks and Recreation Staff with grass-roots input on planning, fundraising, recreation events, and a variety of labor intensive improvement projects for the city’s Sahoma and Pretty Water Lake areas.
4. Citizen Advisory Boards
The Sapulpa Parks & Recreation Board, all volunteers appointed by the Mayor, advise and assist in planning and development efforts for the city’s parks and recreation system. The Park Board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at 515 E. Dewey in the Parks Department office/conference room, located in our Senior Citizens’ Center.

Sapulpa Park Friends Foundation Board and Trustees

Manage the overall operations of the Park Friends Foundation. The administrative section provides supportive efforts as neededfor the Foundation as well as The Parks and Recreation Board and a variety of other committees, boards, agencies, organizations, and special interest groups both public and private within and outside of the Sapulpa Community.

Senior Citizens Advisory Board
Assists in addressing the needs of the community’s older adult population, the Senior Nutrition Program, and other activities at the Senior Citizens Center.

Youth Sports Council
Is comprised of the Presidents of Sapulpa’s Little League Baseball Association, Girls’ Softball Association, Youth Soccer Association and Little Chiefs Football Association, and assists the Department with their new Background Check Program, the training and certification of its youth coaches, needs assessments and coordination efforts aimed at meeting the needs of the Community’s youth sports programs and participants, as well as facility needs.

The Booker T. Washington Recreation Center Advisory Board

Comprised of volunteer citizen advocates working with staff to improve and develop programs at the Booker T. Washington Recreation Center. Programs include sports and cultural activities for all ages.

Teen Council
This new board is currently in the planning and formation stage and will provide volunteer and civic opportunities for Sapulpa’s teens.

Junior Counselor Program

This new board is also in the planning and formation stage and will provide volunteer and civic opportunities for Sapulpa’s pre-teens.

Sapulpa’s New Screening and Criminal Background Check Policy

The Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department planned and implemented a new city-wide background check program for all youth sports coaches, due to the fact that it recognized that safeguards must be taken to protect youth while they are participating in programs conducted in the Sapulpa community. The criminal history and background check (name and/or fingerprint) is performed on each specified applicant requesting to work with Sapulpa youth. The Sapulpa Policy requires that prior to and as a condition of being appointed to work with youth, all prospective applicants must have a criminal background records check conducted. All specified applicants, before being allowed to work with youth, must complete a Youth Sports Volunteer Application, which includes a Disclosure Statement and a Consent/Release Authorization form for a Criminal Background Check. The Policy is selective in the quest to find the “best” volunteers for the positions.