Opportunity Gap

Opportunity Gap (Leakage) by Category of Goods - 2015
Demand in the Sapulpa trade area is intensifying. Leakage, or opportunity gaps, are specific categories of goods or services where reported demand (purchases) exceed reported sales (supply) within a defined trade area. Data is derived from the Consumer Expenditure Survey as administered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and from the Census of Retail Trade, made available through the U.S. Census.

Below is an area map, divided into three sections based on 3, 7 and a 10 mile radius from the Sapulpa area. The RMP Opportunity Gap for Retail report provides statistics on the Retail Opportunity Gap for each of these sections. You can download and review the RMP Opportunity Gap for Retail report here.

AreaMap-OpportunityGapOpportunity Gap Area Map for Sapulpa, OK