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1. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
2. My car was towed by the Police Department, how do I get my car back?
3. I need to speak with a specific officer, how do I contact him / her?
4. How do I get property from the property room?
5. Does the City of Sapulpa have a jail?
6. I have received a traffic citation, what do I do now?
7. What are the hours for the Sapulpa Police Department?
8. Who do I contact about issues concerning animals within the city limits of Sapulpa?
9. Does the City of Sapulpa have a curfew for minors?
10. What are the requirements to become a Police Officer for the City of Sapulpa?
11. How do I become a Sapulpa Reserve Police Officer?
12. Can I ride-a-long with a Police Officer?
13. What can I do about barking dogs?
14. How do I get someone out of jail?